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Folding hand weaving machine, made ​​of steel profiles that are lightweight and strong. The weaving loom weighs only 12 kg.

This simplified weaving loom features a simple design and control.

The basis is the original metal derailleur curriculum with intuitive and precise operation, and a magnetic reed for which we own a patent. It is suitable for art therapy work in various medical facilities and the artistic creativity of children and youth also in after-school educational institutions.

The machine can weave fabric with a width of up to 45 cm and length 120 cm. It has convenient folding properties. When folded it takes up little space. It can be adapted to work on a worktable or it can be adapted to work by hanging it on the wall.


Table weaving machines are made from quality hardwoods. Working size of fabric is – width 40 cm and length 120 cm. This unit weighs only 5 kg. Operating of the machine is very simple and easy.

These weaving looms are suitable for all age groups of schoolchildren and adults.

We provide a complete service and initial training. We supply consumables for weaving and detailed user guide on CD.






We also supply consumables for weaving:


Threads for the warp Nm 4 for unbleached and colored carpets – 100% cotton
Threads 34/2 for unbleached and bleached cloth – 100% cotton
Threads 20/2 artificial unbleached and bleached
Material for weaving, cuttings