Ernest Horňáček Horegomm
P.O. Hviezdoslava 613/7
93401 Levice


Sikenica 79


mobil: 0903 778 471
tel: 036 6314527

IČO: 14114101
DIČ: 1031418069

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e-mail:    jolikros@nextra.sk   


web:       www.krosna.sk

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About Us

Ernest Horňáček Horegomm, sheltered workshop for the production and maintenance of hand weaving machines.
Since 2006, we produce unique weaving looms adapted for the disabled.
We are building on 33 years of experience in the textile industry.
Our weaving looms are used for treatment by work in schools for children with disabilities through occupational therapy.
We provide a complete service and initial training.
We also supply a detailed user guide on YOU TUBE
Our goal is to help people, despite their medical restrictions, to find their way to an independent and dignified life by means of their own creative work.
We embraced the theory that only a human hand can create a unique piece that has a "soul", just like our weaving looms  Jolikros 40

         Jolikros UNI

         Lorincz 40 H 

         Lorincz 70S  which open up new opportunities for everyone.


Disabled children

He who has a pure heart,

does not need a lot for joy.

He flies easily

From the morning dew

with lame wings

to heaven ....


I often mention the prayer of Rúfus for disabled children, when I visit a school personally in order to show the work on a weaving loom.

These children have learned a lot over the years. Humility, joy of small things, small advances, they show me the right values